Dallas Raised, Austin Brewed,
and the Loudest Most Attention Seeking Introvert I Know
Who am I? 
Currently...I am a Copywriter at Ogilvy Chicago!
Personality-wise it’s not such an easy question to answer. There is dash ferocity but also a quiet fragility. I am outgoingly shy. I’ll either talk your ear off or sit in silence. There’s no in-between.  I do this to get a sense of you so I can find my role amongst the masses. Am I the main character, or, part of the ensemble?  It differs from time to time. One thing that stays consistent is my state of organized chaos. Everything is perfectly misplaced, artfully incorrect. I have to find ways to tame my mind and put myself into words and then put words onto the page. Then take that page and convince you to believe. Believe in me. However, even with all these traits, one might call flaws, I am brave. I am spontaneous. I am daring. I…am brilliant. A brilliantly composed list of contradictions.
Also, I sing (you'll hear me featured in some of my work :) ) 
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